“It’s by far the funnest thing we’ve done since our honeymoon.” ~ Steve

Workshop Information

We currently offer two workshops: the Stronger Marriage Workshop and the Stronger Families Workshop. These are one or two day workshops, depending on the preference of the hosting church. At both workshops, you’ll receive a workbook full of material to help you strengthen your marriage and family. The workbook is full of outlines to follow along as the sessions are presented. Our workshops are very unintimidating. You won’t ever find that you’re called on to talk, put in a small group, or have attention drawn to you in any way. You will learn practical and simple ways to improve your marriage, shared in a fun and fast-paced atmosphere.


The Stronger Marriage Workshop


The Stronger Families Workshop

About Trey and Lea Morgan

Hi, we’re Trey & Lea. We’ve been married for 30 years. We have four boys that range in age from 16 to 28.
We have been involved in marriage ministry and marriage coaching for over 20 years.
We do weekend workshops for churches called Stronger Marriage Workshops where we get to speak to 1000’s of people each year on how to build Godly, healthy marriages.
We also do Stronger FAMILIES Workshops on how to build healthy families God’s way.
Find out more about our workshops right here!

Trey and Lea Morgan Together

“My husband and I attended the workshop in Sanger this weekend. We have been married 32 years and enjoyed the workshop so much. Two of our sons and their wives came with us… what a blessing to experience this workshop with them! Thank you for a fun, light-hearted, not “weird at all” weekend! ~ Debi"

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My wife and I enjoyed the seminar immensely! We have enjoyed the 7 day challenge, but you were correct…..us praying together has been our favorite part. We have always felt that we had a solid marriage, but this just helped up kick it up a notch and we have never been happier! Thank you for an amazing weekend. ~ Mitch

Purchase Our Workshop Materials

Stronger Marriage Workshop DVD & Workbook


  • Same marriage workshop Trey & Lea offer live
  • DVD includes downloadable workbook for any device
  • Topics such as: 10 things your husband/wife want you to know,
  • Marriage Killers, how to fill your spouse's love bank,
  • Rules for friends of the opposite sex, how to put the spark back in your sex life,
  • And much, much more! (DVD videos are MP4's. Workbook can be downloaded and printed in MS Word.)

"30 Ways To Bless Your Family & Marriage" CD and "Follow-along Guide"


  • Take this CD content with you anywhere!
  • Includes three sessions and each session has 10 different ways to bless your marriage and family.
  • Includes a follow-along guide that you can fill out as you listen & learn.
  • Road warriors can strengthen their marriage in the car, on the plan and even while jogging!
  • What better way than to strengthen your family & marriage through the word of God?

THE BUNDLE: Get everything (DVD, CD and Coupon Book)


  • This Bundle is the total media package.
  • Includes: the Stronger Marriage Workshop DVD & Workbook
  • Includes: 30 Ways To Bless Your Family & Marriage" CD and "Follow-along Guide
  • As an added bonus, we throw in the Five Love Languages Coupon Book. We love leaving little coupons for one another. These coupons are for everything from "you pick the date night" to "I'll bring you lunch," to "Redeem this coupon for a massage." Fun little coupons to spice things up and to help you speak your spouse's love language!

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