by Trey & Lea | December 4th, 2018

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  1. 1. DON’T GET COMFORTABLE: Comfortable is for house shoes and old recliners, not marriage. In the best marriages, couples work just as hard to keep their spouse as they did to win their spouse.

  2. 2. TALK: Couples feel in love because they spend time talking; don’t stop communicating once you’re married. Continue to take time everyday to talk.

  3. 3. PUT YOUR SPOUSE BEFORE YOUR KIDS: Don’t fall into the rut of being so focused on raising kids that the focus on marriage is lost. Strengthen your marriage by dating regularly, taking occasional overnight trips, etc.

  4. 4. BE WILLING TO ADAPT: You will change, your spouse will change, and your family will change. Be willing and ready to adapt to changes such as having kids, or kids leaving home.

  5. 5. STRIVE TO MEET YOUR SPOUSE'S NEEDS: Those long marriages that we all desire to have are made up of couples who continually strive to meet one another’s needs … not just their own.

  6. 6. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY: Strive to always give your spouse your best when it comes to your emotional, physical, or spiritual health. Take care of yourself physically.

  7. 7. COMPLEMENT ONE ANOTHER REGULARLY: Newlyweds do a great job of overlooking the things they find annoying about their spouse, while at the same time, focusing on the things they love about their spouse. Overtime, if you’re not careful, these can get reversed. Be a constant encourager in your marriage, not a constant critic.

  8. 8. ENJOY ONE ANOTHER'S COMPANY: As you grow older, continue to find common interests. Find ways to enjoy spending time with one another.

  9. 9. DRESS UP, NOT JUST DOWN: Back to point number one – it’s easy to get too comfortable in marriage. If you find yourself always dressing down for your spouse, it’s time to dress up. Dress up and go on a date. Wear something your spouse will find attractive.

  10. 10. ALWAYS BE HONEST: Don’t let time change the openness and honesty in your marriage. Always be honest.

  11. 11. CONTINUE TO BE INTIMATE: The main thing that separates roommates from soulmates is intimacy. Always work to keep the fires burning.

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