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Hi, we’re Trey & Lea. We’ve been married for over 30 years and have raised four boys. We have been involved in marriage ministry and marriage coaching for over 20 years. We do weekend workshops called Stronger Marriage Workshops and Stronger Family Workshops. We are blessed to get to speak to 1000’s of people each year on how to build Godly, healthy marriages and families.

Our workshops are either one day (9 AM-3:00 PM) or two day workshops (Fridays 7 PM-9 PM and Saturdays 9 AM-12 PM), depending on the preference of the hosting church. At both workshops, you’ll receive a workbook full of material to help you strengthen your marriage and family. The workbook is full of outlines to follow along as the sessions are presented.

Our workshops are very unintimidating. You won’t ever find that you’re called on to talk, put in a small group, or have attention drawn to you in any way. You will learn practical and simple ways to improve your marriage, shared in a fun and fast-paced atmosphere.


November 12 – Littlefield, Texas
December 2-3 – Weatherford, Oklahoma

January 23-28 – Marriage Cruise
February 3-4 – Jasper, Alabama

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What’s The Difference Between a Marriage Workshop and a Family Workshop?

In our “Stronger Marriage Workshop” we talk just marriage. We deal with contemporary topics on the subject of marriage in a very practical way. In this workshop you’ll get lots of ideas on how to improve your marriage. You will find yourself laughing a lot, yet very challenged. Some of the topic covered in our marriage workshop are …
“10 Things Wives Need From Their Husbands”
“10 Things Husbands Need From Their Wives”
“Don’t Bankrupt Your Marriage”
“The 6 Biggest Marriage Killers Today”
“Putting Some Spark Back In Your Married Sex Life”

In our “Stronger Families Workshop” you’ll find we’re covering topics that deal with family. Topics like parenting, how to build healthy families, blended families, marriage and other topics will be covered. We discuss everything from communication in families to cell phone rules, ways to help blend a family, family killers, and more. Topics in include …
“4 Foundations of a Great Home”
“10 Traits of a Healthy Family”
“The ONE Thing You MUST Have in your Marriage”
10 Things You Should Be Praying for Your Family”
“Family Killers”

What this seminar is not:
1. It is not only for those that need counseling.
2. It is not only for those who have been married a short time.
3. It is not only for those who are on the verge of divorce.

This seminar is for ANY COUPLE! We all need to work on our relationship with our spouse no matter our age, financial status, etc.

Take time out to take time for your marriage!

Want to host a workshop? Contact us and let’s talk.


“We were really excited when we were finally able to go to one of Trey & Lea’s workshops. We were not let down at all! It was an awesome experience with so much great information. I’d recommend it to all couples. Thank you, Trey & Lea.”
~ Ashley Manaseri

“Absolutely amazing. I HIGHLY recommend anyone that is married to attend one of Trey & Lea’s workshops. They will completely change the way you look at marriage. ALL relationships have room for improvement. So if you love your spouse please make an attempt to attend one. I have followed them since early 2014 and attended my first workshop last weekend and “Wow, just wow” is all I know to say,”
~ Josh Hyatt

“They approach the subject of marriage through multiple avenues. Touching on all of the important things, finances, children, sex…Plus they do it with a sense of humor, and somehow pull at your heartstrings too. Thank you for all of your insights!”
~ Amanda Moore

“It’s by far the funnest thing we’ve done since our honeymoon.”
~ Steve Rogers

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