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Hello and welcome, we’re Trey & Lea. This is a landing page to take you where you want to go.

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24 Things You May Not Know About Us:

1. We’ve raised 4 boys.
2. We are empty-nesters.
3. Lea’s love language is acts of service & Trey’s is touch.
4. We love speaking at marriage/family workshops & conferences.
5. We’ve been married 34 years
6. We still go on weekly dates.
7. We were childhood friends and married right out of high school.
8. Our marriage has had problems, just like everyone else’s.
9. Our faith is important to us.
10. Trey is an extrovert, while Lea is an introvert.
11. Lea pronounces her name “Lee” not “Leah”.
12. We both love Mexican food.
13. Three of the best things we did for our marriage was: We attended every marriage event/conference available; We’ve read a marriage book or two together yearly; and we went on a date weekly.
14. We’ve written three books on marriage.
15. We STILL get on one another’s nerves at times. 🙂
16. Our podcast has 10,000 listeners per week.
17. We love remodel projects together and have remodeled most of our home together.
18. We try hard to take care of the bodies God gave us. We both try to work out & eat right.
19. We have one small dog that is somehow a diabetic.
20. Trey has battled cancer twice.
21. We are infatuated with our two grandkids.
22. We love our marriage ministry.
23. We are absolutely honored that you follow our page.
24. We can’t believe you’ve made it all the way to twenty-four. Well done. We are impressed. ❤️

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